Books make great corporate gifts because they serve as long-lasting reminders of your company. We have a variety of books that make suitable corporate gifts, including notebooks, sketchbooks and photography books. Any of our already published books can be personalised. We can add a customised slipcase, a tip-in page featuring a message of your choice and your company's logo, or a dust jacket featuring an image selected by your company.

For examples of EDM titles that have been successful corporate gifts please see our Sketchbook and Notebook series link and our new releases link.

If you would like to publish your own corporate book to promote your company, its history and accomplishments please visit our Custom Publishing section.





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 The Sketchbook & Notebook series

Filled with evocative watercolour paintings and pencil sketches, EDM’s Sketchbooks take the reader on a tour of some of the world’s most charming and historic destinations, from Bali to Venice and from Penang to Provence. 

EDM’s Notebooks feature drawings and watercolours from its bestselling Sketchbook series, and are the perfect gift for stationery lovers and art enthusiasts alike. Each notebook contains both unlined and lined blank pages, plus a ribbon to use as a bookmark.

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The Postcards series

Images on postcards were often the first views foreigners had of the far-flung corners of the world. EDM’s Early Postcards series, featuring material drawn from private collections, presents a rare and fascinating glimpse into the changing landscapes and lifestyles of the past. 

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Singapore Chic

This lavishly illustrated guidebook introduces readers to the excitement that the vibrant city of Singapore has to offer.

Have a look at our new releases here, and visit our Custom Publishing Page if you would like to create your own book.