The History of the Thai-Chinese launch

Monday 30th March 2015 by Lindsay

Location:  Bangkok

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EDM's Thailand office is pleased to annouce the launch of its latest book The History of the Thai-Chinese.

A History of the Thai-Chinese will be officially launched at SCB’s classic Talad Noi Branch, Bangkok on 30 March in the presence of the Guest of Honor, Khun Anand Panyarachun, former Prime Minister of Thailand. The book is being launched 40 years after the historic restoration of formal ties between Thailand and China in 1975. It will be distributed worldwide through leading bookstores at the recommended retail price of US$39.90.

The Book's Synopsis

This is the remarkable story of how a people and a country embraced the opportunities provided by each other, a tale that ultimately left the identities and success of both inextricably linked. For many centuries, Chinese migrated to many ports, cities and provinces of Thailand. There were traders, skilled laborers, adventurers and the near destitute who dreamed of a better life. Over time, they came to form one of the largest and most influential diasporas in the world. Some Chinese would advise Thai monarchs and be accepted at the Thai court. Many intermarried, became nobles and ran businesses integral to the economy. From tin mining to railway-building to rice trading, their skills helped the country develop and prosper. One son of a Chinese father and a Thai mother even became king. To attain such success, the community overcame no shortage of personal, cultural and social challenges. In the end, they became Thai themselves, an integral part of almost all the kingdom’s affairs through the present day. This is the extraordinary history of the Thai-Chinese.

About the Authors

Jeffery Sng and Pimpraphai Bisalputra have dedicated much of their lives to the study of Chinese and Thai history. Sng studied philosophy and literature at Singapore University and went to Cornell University for post-graduate studies at the Institute of Southeast Asian studies. Over the 30 years that he has lived in Bangkok, Sng has written many articles on the Chinese diaspora, Thai-Chinese business community, Chinese handicrafts, Chinatown and other topics related to the subject of this book. Pimpraphai graduated from the London School of Economics and also went to Cornell University for her post-graduate studies. She has published extensively on the Chinese in Thailand in the Thai language. Her popular books include Sampao Siam Tumnan Jek Bangkok (2001), Nai Mae (2003) and Kra Buang Tuay Kra La Taek (2007). The pair previously collaborated on the work, Bencharong & Chinawares in the Court of Siam, The Surat Osathanugrah Collections.