Friday's Thai Fact

Friday 11th January 2013 by Lindsay

A Brief History of Red Bull


  • Krating Dang, which means "red bull" in Thai, is the name of the popular energy drink created by Chaleo Yoovidhaya in 1975.
  • In 1984, Chaleo partnered with an Austrian business man, Dietrich Matschitz, to launch the energy drink in Austria under the brand name "Red Bull".
  • Internationally, Red Bull uses slightly different ingredients than the product sold in Thailand. Red Bull in Thailand is not carbonated.
  • The amount of caffeine in a 250 ml can of the international Red Bull is 80 mg, which is less caffeine than is found in an average 250 ml cup of coffee. However, Thai law stipulates that caffeine in energy drinks cannot exceed 50 mg per container.
  • Red Bull is banned in some countries, such as Uruguay and Iceland, due to the quantity of caffeine and taurine.
  • Before his death in March 2012 Chaleo Yoovidhaya was ranked as Forbes as the world's 205th richest man, with assets worth more than US$5 billion.
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