7 Days in Myanmar iOS App

Thursday 12th December 2013 by Lindsay

The 7 Days in Myanmar app is now available to download for free from iTunes.

The app features new content that was not published in the book. There are videos, audio, informative captions and photo galleries. Check it out here now.


Blog - 7Daysapp1.jpg

Photos from the app.

Blog - 7Daysapp2.jpg

Pop-up captions for each image include a description of the subject of the photo, the photographer's name and home country.

Blog - 7Daysapp3.jpg

The app includes video footage and audio files.

Blog - 7Daysapp4.jpg

Galleries of never-before published photographs from the one-week shoot are also included.

Blog - 7Daysapp5.jpg

Photos by Minzayar that are featured in the app.

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