Siok Sun Tan

Tan Siok Sun was born in Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia where she spent her childhood years. In 1959, her family migrated to Singapore, which at that time had just attained self-government. She continued her education in Singapore.

She took a First-Class Honours degree in Political Science at the University of Singapore and joined the elite administrative service, starting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and moving to the Ministry of Culture in the early 1970s. Subsequently she was trained as a barrister at Lincoln's Inn and was called to the Singapore Bar in 1981. She spent the next decade in the banking industry, followed by 15 years in human resources. She is now attached to Singapore Management University.

Tan Siok Sun is the daughter-in-law of Dr Goh Keng Swee. This is her first book. Siok Sun currently resides in Singapore.