Malaysia: A Pictorial History 1400-2004


Text by Wendy Khadijah Moore
340 pp, 295 mm x 250 mm

ISBN: 978-981-4068-77-2
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Category: History, Photography & Film
Theme: Malaysia

Malaysia: A Pictorial History 1400–2004 documents the history of Malaysia from the beginning of the Melakan Sultanate approximately 600 years ago to the emergence of Malaysia as a modern nation during the last two centuries. The chief focus is on everyday life as it has been experienced by Malaysians of all classes and ethnic and cultural backgrounds, traced from the time when photography was invented in the first half of the 19th century right up to the present day.

Containing over 1,000 images, this book records not only people but also their dress, their cultural and religious traditions and their social relationships. It shows the changing physical environment in which people lived—traditional buildings, modern buildings, a mix of architectural influences. The appearance of some parts of the country has changed enormously because of a growing human population, a changing economy and also as result of war. And yet the country has its idyllic and unchanging side too. Many views of the states are included in the book.

The Malaysian peninsula is seen here through the eyes of people who recorded it in sketches, paintings, engravings and photographs. Many of the first views produced by 19th-century professionals were cartes de visite and studio portraits. As time moves forward and the nature of photography changes, much of the material becomes more journalistic, and this evolution of the photographic medium is part of the interest of the book. Indeed Malaysia: A Pictorial History will be of interest to all those in search of a vibrant, in-depth portrait of one of Southeast Asia’s most important nations, as it was and as it is today.

Wendy Khadijah Moore has spent much of the last fifteen years living in and writing about Malaysia. Awarded the Malaysian Tourism Gold award for travel writing in 1987, she specialises in travel, culture and history with a particular interest in antiquarian photographs.

Wendy is the author of many travel books, including Malaysia: Profile of a Nation, This is Malaysia, To Know Malaysia and Malacca, and also contributes to many magazines and newspapers including Eastern & Oriental, Sydney Morning Herald, Forbes, Silver Kris and Going Places. She is also an editor of Early History, part of the Encyclopedia of Malaysia series produced by EDM, and other major editing works include Barossa Valley, West Malaysia & Singapore, Petronas Heritage Mapbook of Malaysia and the Insight Guide to Malaysia 2001.


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