Bangkok Panorama


Text by John Burdett, Photographs by Josef Polleross
96 pp, 112 mm x 300 mm

ISBN: 978-981-4217-70-5
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Category: Photography & Film
Theme: Thailand

Bangkok has always captured the imagination of photographers around the world and that’s why many make it their home. A city of colourful contrasts that clings to its traditions while hurtling toward the future, this metropolis of more than 12 million presents the photographer with a dizzying array of exciting encounters. On the street or on the river, from the markets to the malls, Bangkok is full of energy. Visitors—and residents too—are challenged by its pace and awed by its beauty; they appreciate the oases of calm and then are swept up by life on the street. As one Hollywood director scouting Bangkok said, ‘This is the only city where the humidity kills you, where the heat and smog make your nose bleed, and you say, “I’m never leaving.”’

The photographic book Bangkok Panorama presents the people, landscapes and culture of Bangkok from an angle never seen before. Through over 100 beautifully composed panoramic images taken by international photographer Josef Polleross, book lovers will experience the fantastically wide spectrum of life in this metropolis in a fresh way. Polleross trains his keen eye on all aspects of the city: its people are shown at work and at play; major heritage sites are juxtaposed with monuments to modern consumerism; and glimpses are offered into exclusive spaces, from high-society parties to the simplest slum dwellings. Accompanying the pictures is text written by John Burdett, a writer whose best-selling novels have become synonymous with Bangkok. Burdett’s incisive insights into Bangkok life, combined with these unique photos, create a highly original presentation of one of the world’s most famous and fascinating capitals.


John Burdett is the internationally acclaimed, best-selling author of Bangkok 8, Bangkok Tattoo and Bangkok Haunts, among other novels. Loved by critics and readers alike, Bangkok 8 has sold more than 100,000 copies worldwide. The Washington Post wrote: ‘John Burdett is purely and simply a wonderful writer’. A former lawyer based in Hong Kong, John now splits his time between Thailand and France.


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Photographer Josef Polleross has photographed for the New York Times, Newsweek, Time, Fortune, Geo, Spigel and many other leading publications. His work has appeared in solo exhibitions in New York City, Cairo, Vienna and Bangkok. Since July 2005, Josef has been based in Bangkok, focusing his keen eye on the changing landscapes and cultures of Southeast Asia.

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