The Sultan and the Mermaid Queen - Surprising Asian people, places and things that go bump in the night


By Paul Sochaczewski
372 pp, 195 mm x 130 mm

ISBN: 978-981-4217-74-3
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Category: Travel
Theme: Rest of World

The Sultan and the Mermaid Queen is a collection of essays and articles which describe rarely written-about Asian people, places and events; most have appeared in the International Herald Tribune, Wall Street Journal, CNN Traveller, Geographical, Travel and Leisure Golf, Destinasian and other leading publications.

Meet the last elephant hunter of Vietnam, who has reached Michael Jordan-like status through a very Asian-accented product endorsement. Understand why 19th century British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace, who spent eight years in Asia, has a better claim to the theory of natural selection than Charles Darwin. Meet the homeless man in Hawaii who has the résumé to prove he’s the real last emperor of China. Learn why isolated Indian villagers are angry at the Monkey God Hanuman for not returning their sacred mountain. Bargain for good luck on the Philippines “amulet island”. Learn why the white elephant is being used by Burma’s generals to try to justify their hold on power. Ponder the disappearance of Bruno Manser, a Swiss Robin Hood who vanished in a Borneo jungle while trying to help the downtrodden Penan tribesmen stand up for their rights. Play golf on the world’s highest course. Speak with the Sultan of Yogyakarta and learn about his love affair with the Mermaid Queen.

Paul Spencer Sochaczewski is a Bangkok-based writer and writing coach. He is also chairman and creative director of International Golf and Life Foundation, a Swiss-based NGO which promotes environmental and social responsibility in golf.

While with WWF-World Wide Fund for Nature International, Paul created global campaigns to protect rainforests and biological diversity and then developed the WWF Faith and Environment program.

He has written more than 600 by-lined articles for publications including the International Herald Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Travel and Leisure, CNN Traveller, Reader’s Digest, Destinasian and Geographical.  He wrote Redheads, a comic conservation adventure set in a mythical sultanate on Borneo, The Sultan and the Mermaid Queen, which describes rarely written-about Asian people, places and events, Distant Greens, which looks at golf’s curious facets.  Heco-authored two books with Jeff McNeely: Soul of the Tiger: Searching for Nature’s Answers in Southeast Asia, which examines the eco-cultural revolutions that have influenced people-nature relationships, and Eco-Bluff Your Way to Instant Environmental Credibility.

Paul wrote about the nature of Malaysia in Malaysia: Heart of Southeast Asia and served on the Editorial Advisory Board for the Indonesian Heritage Encyclopedia.  He was project initiator for Tanah Air: Celebrating Indonesia’s Biodiversity.



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