Volcanoes of Indonesia - Creators and Destroyers


Photographs by Carl-Bernd Kaehlig, Text by Andrew Wight and Chris Smith
144 pp, 8179 mm x 6223 mm

ISBN: 978-981-4385-02-2
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Category: Natural History, Science & Environment, Photography & Film
Theme: Indonesia

As part of the Ring of Fire, Indonesia is one of the most volcanic countries on earth. The archipelago is home to many dormant volcanoes as well as some of the most violent volcanoes on the planet; the infamous Mt Merapi in Java erupts at least once a decade, often with devastating effects. Most people are aware of the destruction that volcanoes are capable of causing but few stop to consider how beneficial they are to the environment and population. Indonesia’s ability to grow crops and sustain its population is in large part thanks to fertile volcanic soil. The country’s volcanoes have literally and figuratively shaped the nation.

In his approximately 25 years living in Indonesia, photographer Carl-Bernd Kaehlig has climbed many of these monster mountains and learnt the myths and legends surrounding them from his local guides. Volcanoes of Indonesia: Creators and Destroyers is a mesmerising collection of Kaehlig’s best photographs, which are accompanied by informative captions and an introductory essay that gives the reader a sense of the importance of these mountains.

Volcanoes of Indonesia
- Carl-Bernd Kaehlig

Carl-Bernd Kaehlig has lived in Indonesia for over 25 years. The combination of his keen interest in photography and his passion for hiking has resulted in this spectacular book. His photographs have appeared in group and solo exhibitions in Germany and Indonesia. He has contributed travel photo essays to several magazines including Silver Kris and Garuda.

Andrew Wight studied geology at Bristol University. Moving to Indonesia in 1979, his planned two-year stay lasted 23 years. During that time he enjoyed Indonesia's culture and exploring its peaks and seas. Chris Smith was born in Sumatra and holds a Masters degree in tropical geography. Apart from publishing scientific papers, he is the author of two travel novels about Southeast Asia and a book of poetry.

Volcanoes of Indonesia


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Carl-Bernd Kaehlig was born in Hannover, Germany, in 1951 and has lived in Indonesia for about 24 years. His interest in outdoor photography started with a backpacking tour through Southeast Asia in 1977. His photographs have appeared in group and solo exhibitions in Germany and Indonesia. He has also contributed travel photo essays such as Silver Kris, the Singapore Airlines inflight magazine, and Garuda, the inflight magazine of Garuda Indonesia Airlines. The combination of his keen interest in photography with his love for hiking resulted in the photo book, Volcanoes of Indonesia: Creators and Destroyers. His other photo books are Chinatown Rhythm & Blues, on Singapore's Chinatown, Art in Hindsight: Indonesian Truck Paintings, and Sari, Sarong and Shorts, on Sinagpore's Little India and Kampong Glam.

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