Ethnic Jewellery from Indonesia - Continuity and Evolution


Introduction by Antonio J Guerreiro, Text by Bruce W Carpenter, Photographs by Philippe Heurtault
328 pp, 285 mm x 235 mm

ISBN: 978-981-4260-68-8
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Category: Art & Fashion
Theme: Indonesia

Ethnic Jewellery from Indonesia: Continuity and Evolution is a compelling introduction to the little-known and visually-powerful body adornments of the ethnic peoples of Indonesia’s outer islands, including Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi, Sumba and Maluku. The history of the jewellery is told from the perspective of the materials used, including gold, silver, brass, ivory, shell and animal teeth.

Illustrated with nearly 600 photographs of rare jewellery amassed over 30 years by collector Manfred Giehmann, this book explores the depth and breadth of an ancient and magnificent tradition of the Indonesian people. It will provide information on the origin, meaning and purpose of the jewellery, as well as unique insights into the people who crafted and wore the jewellery for ritual or ceremonial functions. Ethnic Jewellery from Indonesia: Continuity and Evolution is a definitive work on the subject and a testimony to the living traditions of cultures usually shrouded in mystery.

Bruce W. Carpenter is an expert, scholar and writer who has authored and co-authored over 18 books and scores of essays and articles on Indonesian art, culture and history. He began with Willem G. Hofker, Painter of Bali (1993), the first major illustrated book on an expatriate artist in Bali, followed by the critically acclaimed, W.O.J Nieuwenkamp, First European Artist in Bali (1997). Since co-authoring Batak Sculpture (2007), Carpenter has focused primarily on the extraordinary traditional and tribal arts of Indonesia. His most recent work, Javanese Antique Furniture and Folk Art (2009), was a pioneering book on this little known subject.

Dr. Antonio J. Guerreiro is a leading scholar in the comparative approach of Austronesian cultures and arts. He has published extensively on Malay/Indonesian ethnic cultures since the 1980s. Dr. Guerreiro has worked as a consultant for various museographical projects and has done research on ikat textiles and personal adornments of the peoples of the Indonesian Archipelago, especially in Borneo and Sumatra.



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Philippe Heurtault was born in France in 1952, and first discovered the mysteries of the darkroom at age 16. His passion for photography led him to work with fashion legends such as Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint-Laurent in the 1970s. Known for his work in magazines such as Vogue, Playboy and Vanity Fair, Heartault has also worked for advertising agencies such as Publicis and McCann Erikson. He divides his time between France and Southeast Asia.


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