NUS Baba House - Architecture and Artefacts of a Straits Chinese Home


Producer Baba House (NUS Museum)
and NUS Museum (NUS Baba House)

144 pp, 220 mm x 170 mm

ISBN: 978-981-4385-62-6
RRP USD24.95

Category: Architecture & Design, History, Reference
Theme: Singapore

“Baba”, “Nonya”, “Peranakan” and “Straits Chinese” are terms that refer to the descendants of Chinese traders who settled in Southeast Asia centuries ago, and assimilated aspects of indigenous Malay culture into Chinese culture. Built between 1896 and 1897, the NUS Baba House was the ancestral home of the Wee family, who are part of the Straits Chinese community in Singapore. The building is now a museum that replicates the unique experience of a visit to a 1928 Peranakan home, featuring a range of beautiful and distinctive furniture, architectural decorations, ceramics and other household objects cherished by the Straits Chinese.

NUS Baba House: Architecture and Artefacts of a Straits Chinese Home is an illustrated guide for visitors as well as a useful reference for people interested in the social history of Southeast Asia. Accompanied by detailed photography and carefully researched explanations of the symbolism behind the objects and ornamental motifs in the house, this guide is designed to provide an exclusive view into the colourful domestic lifestyle of the Straits Chinese people.

NUS Baba House was once the ancestral home of a Straits Chinese family. It is now conceived as a heritage house which facilitates appreciation, reflection and research into the Straits Chinese history and culture. This is articulated through the architectural conservation of the townhouse, and the reconstruction of a domestic space which exhibits the community's material culture dating back to the early 20th century. The third floor has been transformed into a gallery for housing exhibitions which allow academic researchers and art practitioners to explore and present the community and neighbourhood from different perspectives. NUS Baba House is managed by NUS Museum, NUS Centre For the Arts. This guidebook is written by project curator Foo Su Ling, Lim Chen Sian, Wee Sheau Theng, and Yeo Kang Shua.


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